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This is a project called “How to Create a Ligature” by David Schwen. This reminded me of the monogram project that we did last year. I enjoyed the idea of using different materials to combine the letterforms. It looks as if they are the results of a physical action instead of an action done using a […]

These are typographic interpretations of the world map by the designer Nancy McCabe. In these maps she uses the names of the cities to form the map itself. She also designed two different versions of this project. The first version is simply black and white with the names of the cities. The second version has […]

These are design’s of Marc Lauchardt. This project is called as “Typographic Furniture” and the designer used letter forms. I liked the way he uses the letter without losing their characteristics. Also the colors look nice. He mostly uses black and I think that this adds to the “typographic” context. In some of them he […]



I wanted to share some posters that I found interesting. At first they attract the attention of the audience but they are not overdesigned. In this first poster the element that attracts the attention at first sight is the use of color. The use of such bright colors makes it look attractive. Even though there […]