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This is an animation by Simon Russell. This is his personal project based on London that he illustrated using ink and pencil. Later on he digitalized and finalized his project using Photoshop and After Effects. I liked the way he illustrated characters and places. Also the way that the animation zooms out and how everything […]

Thought of You


This is a 2D animation by Ryan Woodward. This reminded me of the figure drawing courses and I think it is much more attractive as a music video that having real people dancing or performing something else. The idea goes well with the song. Also I liked the details that the artist added, he doesn’t […]

This is a short animation called “Theodore & Rosemary’ S Orchard”. Exquisite Kadavre directs it. In this animations the colors that are used and its style are very dark. It gives the sense of something dark such as a nightmare right from the beginning. The story of this animation is about a thief that enters […]