Research for the “Turkish Body Shop”

This is the logotype and one of the packages of the “Body Shop”. I like the simple logotype and also I like the way it is placed on the package. All the typographic elements on the package are written with a single color. Therefore even though there are many explanations written the use of single color simplifies the package design.

Also I researched other cosmetic creams even though the concept is a bit different than Body Shop, they give some idea about the logotype and the logo.

I find this logotype simple and clean.

I think that this logotype is not very good. the thing that bothers me is the use of same distorted “s” letter twice. I feel like it is too much. It would be better if it was used once.

I liked the typeface. I just feel like the wavy line under it is a bit too thick.

I like this typeface, I like the way initial letters are bigger in size. even though there is not space between the words we can separate each one.

I think the typeface isn’t as simple as most of the other examples, it has a kind of consistency and simplicity.

This brand doesn’t have a logo, it only has a typeface. The design is also kept simple. I just feel like the letters could be lighter.

I liked the logotype. It is a bit condensed but it is readable and simple. Also the change in opacity looks neat and it breaks the monotony.

ı really liked the design. It is simple and neat. Also with the characteristic of the logotype is easily memorable. I just feel like the letter “r” could be a bit different.

I think that this logotype gives a sense of “femininity.” The letter forms give the sense of the curves of the female body and this can be the reason why women relate with the product and by it.

I find this package similar to the ones in Body Shop.

Research on the Supermarket

I like this logotype and logo. It is simple and clean. Also I like the combination of two colors.

I didn’t like this logotype. I didn’t like the font and the combination these tones of the two colors. Also the the tilted “i” kind of bothers me.

I liked this logotype and logo. It is simple. I only feel like the logo could be more simplified.

I liked the use of negative space and the use of black and red together.

I didn’t like this logotype. The chosen font looks very childish the extra lines look over-designed.

I liked this one, it is simple; a black logotype on white. Also the logo goes well with the logotype.

This one is also simple and recognizable.

I like this logotype. It is simple and effective. Also the use of negative space in the logo signifying the letter “s” works.

I think in this logotype the slogan could be aligned left and the font choice for the slogan could be thinner than the logotype. It looks unbalanced.

This logotype looks simple and nice. The letters “c”, “o” and “p” look consistent.


I like both the logotype and the simple colors. I think the package design could be much simple. It would be more consistent with the logotype.

I like the fact that the typographic elements have contrast. Some are very bold and some are thin. Also the sizes are different and that prevents the design from being monotone.

This is a simple and neat logotype.

I like the logotype but I am not sure about the logo. It feels like there is no need for it. Only the logotype seems enough. Also the color choice could be different. I think green would fit better instead of red. Maybe then the logo could look better because it would look more like a natural product.

I like the logotype. It is simple.

I like the logotype. Also the color choice (earth tones) look simple and gives the sense the product is natural.

It looks neat but I think “A” is too separated from the other letters and it can e read as BECC A. “A” can be grouped better with the other letters.

I like the logotype, even though there are many colors the logotype is simply black. Therefore it doesn’t look chaotic.

I liked this design because it is simple and the color choice looks elegant.

I think the logo looks too complicated and it doesn’t look consistent with the logotype. Also it is not very easy to understand what it is. It looks like a decoration.

I think the logotype, the way it is placed on the package looks neat. Even though there are many explanations it doesn’t look complicated. The hierarchy between the elements is readable.

I like it, the logotype is simple. Also the color choice is consistent with the product. It gives a sense of “clean”.

I liked the logotype the lines around it could be eliminated.

I think the logotype looks neat but the logo attracts more attention. It could be more balanced.

The background complicates the design. ıt could be a flat color.

I like the simple logotype and the logo. The “rose” logotype is simplified so it doesn’t look complicated or decorative.

I liked the simplicity of the logotype, also because of the choice of colors it attracts attention without losing its simplicity and without being over-designed.

I liked this design because the logotype is simple, initial letter is used in a way which kind of underlines the name. Also the change in opacity makes the hierarchy readable.

I liked the logotype, the way it is placed on the package. Also in most of the examples I found the explanation of the product is placed under the name of the brand and it is in the middle. I think in this one is is left aligned and it looks better.



This is a simple design. The logotype is neat and the purpose of the product is simple written with bold letters.

The logotype is simple but I think it doesn’t work with the logo. The letter “A” in the logo is too decorative compared to the logotype. Also it feels like the pink rectangle is too much. The logo could be much simpler and more related to the logotype.

The logotype looks nice but I think that it could have a lighter look.

It is a simple design. There is a subtle color difference between the brand name and the other explanations. I think it looks good because they can be perceived as a whole and separately at the same time.

I think the name of the brand could have a darker color.

The “e” in this logotype has a cross bar and it is one of the characteristics of a humanist typefaces. I think the rounded look goes well with the product.

The logo is designed to give the sense of the letter “c”. It also looks like it is combined with the letter “L” but it is not very readable. Another solution could be found for the logo.

I liked the logotype and the design that contains chinese characters, the go well together. And the chinese characters are not exaggerated, the way they are used together looks simple.


I liked these designs. They have more typographic elements than most of the other examples I found but they don’t look too complicated. The color of the logo and the highlight of the explanation for the product are the same and they group well together. Also the logo refers to the name “juice”. and the packages are transparent and you can see the color of the product. The color of the  highlight and the logo changes according to the product and it fits well.

This is a logotype that uses a decorative typeface. The other elements and the colors are kept very simple to balance it.

I think red, black and white go well together. I think the red decorations are not necessary.

I didn’t like this design, the logotype looks childish and I think it doesn’t fit with the product. also the color combinations do not work well.

This brand will have moisturizer products, lip balms, perfumes, gift packages, all kinds of skin care products, make-up products.


I liked this logotype, it is simple and the color combination of the product and the logotype work well together.

I liked the contrast between the logotype and other typographic elements. All the elements are pure black and the typefaces are not decorative. It is a simple design.

In this logotype the letter “A” is different and it is a characteristic of this logotype that reminds the brand. In this design I didn’t like the color combination. The brand name could be a different color.

I think this logotype is simple and clean. Also the color of the package compatible with the product.

The logotype is not bad but there are many writings on the package. The package is transparent and it has many writings so it looks complicated. If the writings were reduced or if the package was a different color, the design would look simpler.

The color combination, logotype are simple and this design works well.

I think both letter “A”s had to be the same in this design. Also there could be color variations or it could be simply black. It looks too red.

This logotype and logo works well. They are simple. Also the color combination works well. It is simply black on white or white on black. And the purpose of the product is written with light letters in red. Also the font size variations work well.

The color combination works well. The logotype is simple. Logotype is written with smaller font size but it is bold. Therefore it attracts attention. The elements in bigger font size have thinner strokes so they don’t attract too much attention.

The logotype is written with a simple typeface. The name of the creme is written with a decorative font. I think the leaves are too much and it makes the design look complicated.


This is the package design for House Industries x Herman Miller Japan. There are only two colors. It is kept simple.

The package for KAWS and Standart Hotel. The colors are also kept simple with only two colors on white background. There isn’t much information or writing on the package.

This is a student work by Erin Mercurio and Audrey Raudabaug for home gardening products. I think these packages look simple and elegant.


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