The first one is different than the other ones because in the other ones I tried create the “round” feeling but in this one the dots of the two letters, also the letter “p” give the sense of a square.

In the second one I created a contrast.Usually in the research I have done the first or last letters of the brands are emphasized but here I emphasized the letter in the middle. Also it gives a sense of balance even though the letters are the same.

The third one is the simplest I basically changed the kerning as I did in all of them. Also the letter p is from a different typeface and I changed the lenght of the the descender.

In the forth one I had the same idea as the second one. This time I changed the coldness of the dots and changed their places. I feel like it is not the best solution, the placement of the dots can be changed in order to make more sense.

The last one is a bit experimental. I used regular letters, outlines and a black spot at the same time.


In the first 5 logotypes I used the same typeface because it gives the feeling of the word “köpük” with its rounded form. In the first one I changed the kerning and changed the dots of the letters “ö” and “ü”. In the second one I again changes the kerning and used the dots in a different way. For the letter “ö” I gave the feeling of the dots with negative space. For the letter “ü” I just changed the place of the dots but this time I didn’t use negative space because of the form of the letter “u”. In third and fourth one I used a stripe to kind of highlight the logotype. And in the fifth one I wanted to make the use negative space in letters “ö” and “ü” so I tried to modify the letter “u”.

In the sixth one the letter forms are also rounded, even the letter “k” doesn’t have sharp lines like usual. I changed the kerning and the dots of the letters “ö” and “ü”.

The seventh one is bolder than the others but I think that the logotype doesn’t give the round feeling of the word “köpük”. It just supports the idea with its boldness.

The last one also has round forms. It looks a bit more playful than the other examples because of the different form of letter “p” and “ü”. I changed the kerning.

In the first three examples I used the same three typefaces. This typeface a more square like form but I wanted to try the negative space idea with a different type of typeface to see if it works better. The forth one is a bold typeface that is simple. The fifth one is a different typeface the letter “k” is different, it looks like an uppercase “k”. Also the letter p works with the roundness of the letters “ö” and “ü”. The sixth one is simple, it is more condensed than the other logotypes I tried. The seventh one is a bold typeface that is simple and gives the rounded feeling. The eighth one also has thin strokes but the forms of the letters aren’t that sharp and I think that they work well with the concept.

In the first two logotypes I tried to use the negative space and be consistent with the letters “ö” and “ü” at the same time.




Color Palette

Business Cards





















Business Cards






Business Cards





The insides of the envelopes will be from the three colors of the squares.

Instead of the three squares I also tried other variations.

Greeting Cards

For the greeting cards I used a different color palette.


Package ideas

I wanted to have a package shaped as a cube with rounded edges and I also wanted it to be colorful and playful. Therefore I tried to make it look like a rubix cube .




Greeting Card-Package









package design for transportation





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