This is a project by Old Red Jalopy with the crew at Next Movie. This is a series where the iconic figures in American comedic film and television are turned into superheroes in comic books. I liked the way the comic book covers look like old comic books. All the details are included to make them more realistic.


Think Quarterly


This is the online magazine that Google launched. It is called Think Quarterly. The main intention of this magazine is to be “a breathing space in a busy world”. I think the page layouts look very clean and I think some of the details are very interesting. This is an Internet based magazine and it is displayed with a simulated book format. This magazine has many info-graphics. This visuals and subjects are equally interesting. , One of the things that attracts attention is the table of contents that leads the reader in a linear fashion through the pages or on an investigative way based the relation between the articles. This magazine is printed in limited addition and I think it is also a good decision to distribute it on Internet.

Here is the link

These are some illustrations by Matei Apostolescu. They seem a bit complicated but I liked the characters he drew and the use of bright colors. They seem as if the artist is creating another sort of reality.

These are works by Dorothy Collective. The starting point of this project is the universally known logos. For this project they used some of the most known logos to create paintings. I found these works interesting because they make the viewer realize the importance of visual identity. We can immediately  recognize the brands from the colors and symbols. We don’t need to see the whole name. At the same time it attracts attention to the micro-esthetics and to the simplicity of these logos.

I wanted to share this work by the German photographer Robert Piontek. His series is called “Tiny Planet”. Each one of these works is made of several photographs that combined around a spheric shape using a software. I liked the concept and the en results achieved by the visual manipulations.


1-Gezi/ Gezdim Gördüm

2-Sağlıklı Yaşam



5-Yeni Ürün Tanıtımı


1- Dünyanın değişik yerlerindeki dikkat çeken festivaller

2- Değişik masaj türleri

3-Bahar-Yaz Modası (giyim ya da ev dekorasyonu)

4-Dizi ( Modern Family)

Here is my grid structure for my magazine.

First I opened an A3 format page. Then I put a guideline at the middle point of the page vertically. Then ı started constructing my grid. This grid is based on 3 and 4 column structure. The page is divided to guides that have 0.75 cm in between. In the middle there is 1.5 cm margin for each page. On the left side and the right side the margins are 2.25 cm. on the top and bottom of the page there are also 2.25 spaces. The page layout at the left has a 3-column structure. The width of each column is 5.25 cm and the distance between each column is 0.75 cm. On the right there is a 4-column structure. The width of each column is 3.75 cm and the distances between the columns are the same (0.75 cm).

Here is the pdf file for my grid structure.

2grid 3-4

Then I tried to place images and text.

Here is the pdf file: 2grid 3-4-image:text

2grid 3-4-image-text2

2grid 3-4-image-text3

2grid 3-4-image-text4