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I found some shopping bag ideas that are very interesting. They attract much more attention than ordinary shopping bags. They are all based on very simplistic ideas. The humorous approach makes them different than the other ones. Most of the shopping bags have the same purpose: having the brand name, some contact information and containing […]



  This is a project by Justin Gignac. It is called New York City Garbage. He started this project in 2001. He collects garbage in the city New York, he classifies them and packages them. They look as if they are designed objects or second hand objects instead of garbage. Normally garbage is something people […]

These are designs by Marcel Buerkle. I liked the concept. They kind of remind one of my previous posts. I think that it looks much more attractive to have packages such as these because they attract more attention. They attract attention because they are different than ordinary packages and they are very appetizing. They kind […]

Vânea Cera


  This is a project by Vânea Cera. This is  design besed on the twenty songs of Zeca Afonso. It is for an event called “CCB 2008 Concert”. The design is in black and white and the illustrations look as black silhouettes. I liked the simplistic approach. At the same time the illustrations aren’t designed frame […]

These are some package designs I found interesting designed by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. These packages are different than most of the packages. Instead of referring to the idea of what they contain or being a classic package they almost look the same as the product they contain. For the banana juice the way the […]

This is the tea package design by Soon Mo Kang. It is named as “tea-shirts packaging”. It is an interesting idea because it is different than ordinary tea packaging also the name is fits the idea. I liked the package that all the tea bags are put in as well as every single tea bag. […]

Jooze Packaging


These are packaging designs for the fruit juice Jooze designed by an Australian student Yunyeen Yong. I liked them because it is based on a simple idea: a package design with the shape of a slice of fruit it is flavored with. Also the colors and the way the package stands are different than common […]