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This is a restaurant in Tokyo designed by Fantastic Design Works Co. It is based on the idea to transform the restaurant to the Wonderland. Every part is decorated by referring to the details from the story Alice in Wonderland. I liked the magical feeling and also the place doesn’t look too chaotic even though […]

Bookcase House


This is the apartment designed for Hussein Jarouch in Brazil. The interior design of this place belongs to Triptique Studio. One of the most important goals of this studio is to optimize the space by creating a bookcase as the principal part of the design. This is actually  a very minimalistic design and at the […]

This is the creative center of Bangkok University. It is designed with various bright colors. It has many offices and a 600 meter square  library. This center is designed by the studio Supermachine and it is complete and working since the year 2009. I think that the way it is designed is easy to relate […]

The workplace of every job should be compatible with the job description. I think that the place where a person works affects the work performance. The decoration gives motivation to wake up and go to work every morning. The productiveness is also related to the details in the workplace. The work performance of a person […]