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This is a project by Old Red Jalopy with the crew at Next Movie. This is a series where the iconic figures in American comedic film and television are turned into superheroes in comic books. I liked the way the comic book covers look like old comic books. All the details are included to make […]

These are some illustrations by Matei Apostolescu. They seem a bit complicated but I liked the characters he drew and the use of bright colors. They seem as if the artist is creating another sort of reality.

These are drawings of Sagaki Keita. The artist used pen and ink for these drawings. The approach is to combine many different sorts of characters and drawings to form a different drawing. I find the approach interesting because when you zoom in each drawing you can see many details. Some of these characters and details […]

Gabiel Moreno is an illustrator, painter and engraver from Madrid. This is his latest work for a Swiss shoe brand called Vögele. In these illustrations he combines different methods. He uses photos and illustrations at the same time and I think that they work well together. This campaign looks very attractive and simple at the […]

I was doing some research on packaging and ı found these package illustrations. I found the style of these illustrations interesting. It is sketchy and it looks a bit messy but this style kind of adds a characteristic to an ordinary package. I liked the way the illustrator interpreted the objects.

Art of Drowning


This is an animation directed by Diego Maclean and it is based of the poem of Billy Collins. The name of the poem is “The Art of Drowning”. I liked the way the poem is visualised. The line drawings and the simplicity attracts attention. I liked the style of illustration. It suits the mood of […]

This is an animation by Thomas Hicks. It is in the form of a book and it tells the story of two people as you read the book. I liked the illustrations and the way the animation is composed. The illustrations are simple and a bit like children drawings but it gives the feeling of […]