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This is a project called “How to Create a Ligature” by David Schwen. This reminded me of the monogram project that we did last year. I enjoyed the idea of using different materials to combine the letterforms. It looks as if they are the results of a physical action instead of an action done using a […]

This is a project by Old Red Jalopy with the crew at Next Movie. This is a series where the iconic figures in American comedic film and television are turned into superheroes in comic books. I liked the way the comic book covers look like old comic books. All the details are included to make […]

These are typographic interpretations of the world map by the designer Nancy McCabe. In these maps she uses the names of the cities to form the map itself. She also designed two different versions of this project. The first version is simply black and white with the names of the cities. The second version has […]



These are some alternative movie posters for the 2011 Oscar Nominees. The simplistic approach works well. Also the color combination looks attractive. Also the use of negative space supports the simplistic approach.  

I’m posting some more business cards and I think that the solutions for these ones are also creative and simple.  The first one is the business card for and infirmary and I think the solution is simple yet effective. The back side of the business card looks like it is a plaster and it is […]

Business Cards.


I found some business cards and ı really liked their approach. Their simplicity, humorous approach and creativity attracts a lot of attention. The business card above a humorous message for a psychologist: “sometimes we all need to reboot” and the form and idea of the business card is consistent with the message. Its form is […]

These are adds for Clermont Family Dentist and Dentures. I liked the way advertisement is designed, it is simple and the message they want to give is conducted  in a creative manner. The way they enlarged the tooth and how workers construct it attracts attention.The message is clear without using too much elements or an […]