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These are design’s of Marc Lauchardt. This project is called as “Typographic Furniture” and the designer used letter forms. I liked the way he uses the letter without losing their characteristics. Also the colors look nice. He mostly uses black and I think that this adds to the “typographic” context. In some of them he […]

This is furniture designed by Animi Causa Boutique. These designs are called “feel seating system”. It is in a way similar to the furniture in my previous post. This one looks even more interesting and comfortable. In the previous one maybe it could be a challenge to find enough space but this one has much […]

This one of the designs of Emili Ana Design Studio. I found it interesting because it combines a carpet and a sofa. With a single furniture it solves the problem of sitting comfortably on the floor and it does not occupy too much space. At the same time its color gives a feeling of grass […]

This is one of the furniture designs of Moooi. It is the classic timber lamp but it is designed as if you can see all the mechanical parts inside. Also it is an interesting design because of another characteristic. It can’t be understood when it stands alone but it is actually 1.8 meters high. This […]