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Hollywood Life


This is a celebrity-fashion magazine and this is the first issue published in 2008 after it is redesigned. I liked the simplicity and the use of photographs in this magazine. They give the feeling of film noir with the lighting. The fashion and the hair styles are also contributing to the film noir look. The […]

Think Quarterly


This is the online magazine that Google launched. It is called Think Quarterly. The main intention of this magazine is to be “a breathing space in a busy world”. I think the page layouts look very clean and I think some of the details are very interesting. This is an Internet based magazine and it […]

Gestalt Principles are the concepts used in graphic design to create unity and variety. Its translation from German means simply form or whole. It is simply about the association between the elements and the entire of a composition. The aspect that designers should be concerned about is the visual perception. Editorial design is an area […]

Eye Magazine


These are the page layouts of the Eye Magazine. These are the poetry layouts. I found them interesting because the way pages are organized and the illustrations work well together. They are not over-designed or the pages are not filled with unnecessary elements. It is kept simple and that it whey it attracts attention.