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This is a “stone house” that is in North of Portugal. It is not an ordinary house. It is constructed in 2 giant stones and it is constructed in such a way that the characteristic of the stones are not lost. The stones are not changed the way the house is. The stones shape the […]

Bookcase House


This is the apartment designed for Hussein Jarouch in Brazil. The interior design of this place belongs to Triptique Studio. One of the most important goals of this studio is to optimize the space by creating a bookcase as the principal part of the design. This is actually  a very minimalistic design and at the […]

This is an interesting project in Norway, the town of Andalsnes. The Swedish architect Jagne Falmiton designed this project. The main idea is to create mobile structures, buildings mobile in city, in railways or in water so that these buildings can change location according to the seasons.

Casa Batlló


Antoni Gaudi is the architect of this building, built for a middle-classed family on the street Passeing de Gracia in Barcelone, Spain. Catalan Modernism and Art Nouveau influenced Gaudi while designing this building. Catalan Modernism is a movement that suggests rejecting bourgeois, traditional, religious values and instead it suggests using art to change the society. […]