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These are some minimalist ads that I found. I think the approach of the designers are simple and memorable. In the first one the use of a known logo “facebook” is very clever because it attracts attention immediately. Also playing with the word itself is very creative. I liked that the advertisement doesn’t have many […]

Gabiel Moreno is an illustrator, painter and engraver from Madrid. This is his latest work for a Swiss shoe brand called Vögele. In these illustrations he combines different methods. He uses photos and illustrations at the same time and I think that they work well together. This campaign looks very attractive and simple at the […]

True Colours


This is an advertisement campaign for Faber-Castell by the advertisement agency Serviceplan Munich. The idea and its application is simple. Each visual shows that the colors of Faber-Castell is exactly the same as the colors that we see in nature or that are around us. They picked certain objects, animals, vegetables and combined them with […]

I found these Scotch advertisements and I think the approach is clever. They simply give the message by exaggerating it. They just pick a real life situation and make it look as normal as possible and extraordinary at the same time. There is simply a photo and the product in one corner. It is kept […]

These are adds for Clermont Family Dentist and Dentures. I liked the way advertisement is designed, it is simple and the message they want to give is conducted  in a creative manner. The way they enlarged the tooth and how workers construct it attracts attention.The message is clear without using too much elements or an […]

Canon Pixma


This is the advertisement for the Canon Pixma printers. The idea is to create sculptures with the color that represent the variety of ink of Canon Pixma printer. These sculptures are created with the sound and they are photographed with a macro camera. The purpose is to show the paint from an aspect that is […]

The agency AlmapBBDO has developed these ads for the Havaianas Campaign. I liked them because the aim of the this campaign is mainly to show that there are many color possibilities for each Havaianas flip-flop and when you first look at them you get the message. I also liked the approach of the designer. He […]