Wonder Restaurant


This is a restaurant in Tokyo designed by Fantastic Design Works Co. It is based on the idea to transform the restaurant to the Wonderland. Every part is decorated by referring to the details from the story Alice in Wonderland. I liked the magical feeling and also the place doesn’t look too chaotic even though there are many details. The maze and the tables with cards look very amusing and interesting. I just think that some decorations on the walls and the color red can be reduced a bit. The place would look much better if it is a bit simplified.


3 Responses to “Wonder Restaurant”

  1. Labirent lookalike tables really creative, i enjoy the concept.

  2. This is a very interesting concept to work on. I like this kind of crazy designs a lot. I would really like to visit the restaurant, it would make me feel like I’m in a fantasy world. There is a restaurant in İstinye Park called Rainforest Cafe. You should check it out. http://www.rainforestcafe.com.tr/

  3. ı think if the colors were reduced like you suggested than the wonderland atmosphere would be also reduced. I loved it just the way it is =D damnn I really wish I was in Japan right now! All these crazy designs, they are all in Japan =D

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