Archive for May, 2011

This is a project called “How to Create a Ligature” by David Schwen. This reminded me of the monogram project that we did last year. I enjoyed the idea of using different materials to combine the letterforms. It looks as if they are the results of a physical action instead of an action done using a […]

These are some minimalist ads that I found. I think the approach of the designers are simple and memorable. In the first one the use of a known logo “facebook” is very clever because it attracts attention immediately. Also playing with the word itself is very creative. I liked that the advertisement doesn’t have many […]

Street Art.


These are some street art works by two artist: Blu and Os Gémos. I found these works very interestin because of their style of drawing and their sizes. It is also very hard to complete these works. These artists don’t just draw these like they are drawing on a flat surface. They are creating relations […]

This is a restaurant in Tokyo designed by Fantastic Design Works Co. It is based on the idea to transform the restaurant to the Wonderland. Every part is decorated by referring to the details from the story Alice in Wonderland. I liked the magical feeling and also the place doesn’t look too chaotic even though […]