Make Me a Superhero!


This is a project by Old Red Jalopy with the crew at Next Movie. This is a series where the iconic figures in American comedic film and television are turned into superheroes in comic books. I liked the way the comic book covers look like old comic books. All the details are included to make them more realistic.


3 Responses to “Make Me a Superhero!”

  1. I like the style of these illustrations, but I think they are pushing it because they made movies about all the superheroes and this doesn’t look like the brightest idea to create new characters.

  2. They are such neat works, as you said the old look makes them more realistic. The artist interpreted the faces successfully. I think the one with eddie murphy is the best

  3. wow, i love all kinds of superhoreos and i liked the way they used that concept on celebrities. the colors match their personalities perfectly.

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