Magazine Grid Structure


Here is my grid structure for my magazine.

First I opened an A3 format page. Then I put a guideline at the middle point of the page vertically. Then ı started constructing my grid. This grid is based on 3 and 4 column structure. The page is divided to guides that have 0.75 cm in between. In the middle there is 1.5 cm margin for each page. On the left side and the right side the margins are 2.25 cm. on the top and bottom of the page there are also 2.25 spaces. The page layout at the left has a 3-column structure. The width of each column is 5.25 cm and the distance between each column is 0.75 cm. On the right there is a 4-column structure. The width of each column is 3.75 cm and the distances between the columns are the same (0.75 cm).

Here is the pdf file for my grid structure.

2grid 3-4

Then I tried to place images and text.

Here is the pdf file: 2grid 3-4-image:text

2grid 3-4-image-text2

2grid 3-4-image-text3

2grid 3-4-image-text4


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