Logos Under Microscope


These are works by Dorothy Collective. The starting point of this project is the universally known logos. For this project they used some of the most known logos to create paintings. I found these works interesting because they make the viewer realize the importance of visual identity. We can immediately  recognize the brands from the colors and symbols. We don’t need to see the whole name. At the same time it attracts attention to the micro-esthetics and to the simplicity of these logos.


4 Responses to “Logos Under Microscope”

  1. I really suprised when ı recognized chupa chups:) They are so famous logos but without brand name they seem so simple and minimal, i liked them better this way..

  2. Most of them look better than their original logos. It’s amazing to see how explanatory they get even when there is no type.

  3. this is a very creative projects and it shows us how effective a good visual identity can be, i enjoyed these a lot!

  4. Making people recognize their brands even without the names. That is what a good company should do =) and in here you can see that these brands have done that successfully =D hey maybe starbucks’ intention was that too =P

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