These are some alternative movie posters for the 2011 Oscar Nominees. The simplistic approach works well. Also the color combination looks attractive. Also the use of negative space supports the simplistic approach.



5 Responses to “White-Black-Red”

  1. 1 alicanafsar

    These posters really bring out the feeling of these movies. They are really well thought especially “The Kids Are Alright” poster. Only using 3 colors idea is really good and it shows how can we create a lot of things with only limited elements.

  2. 2 aslifilisva301

    wow nice share aslı!! I really like them alot, look very cool and nice to see how it is possible to give the idea in a simple and diffent way.

  3. 3 zeynepselcuk

    black white and red .. are work perfectly in most situations for me =) they give attractive feeling and simplistic idea .. each of the color represents very different feelings when people see them. Maybe this can be the reason why they work perfectly when we combine them

  4. wow they are magnificent, especially the social network they solved the characters name design witty.

  5. Love it, all of them. Simple drawings, nothing is over done, social network one is the best I think ^^

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