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These are drawings of Sagaki Keita. The artist used pen and ink for these drawings. The approach is to combine many different sorts of characters and drawings to form a different drawing. I find the approach interesting because when you zoom in each drawing you can see many details. Some of these characters and details […]

This is a project that I found interesting. Artist Ron Miriello realized this project and the main idea is to create 100 different worlds. It is called “100 Worlds Project”. Many different craftsmen and photographers worked for this project. The classic world map (in sphere form) is simply modified in order to form different “worlds”. […]

These are typographic interpretations of the world map by the designer Nancy McCabe. In these maps she uses the names of the cities to form the map itself. She also designed two different versions of this project. The first version is simply black and white with the names of the cities. The second version has […]



This is a project by Van Wanter Etcetera agency. It is a campaign for the Dutch Book Week. These are three dimensional portraits of authors such as Vincent Van Gogh, Anne Frank, Louis Van Gaal et Kader Abdolla.

Gabiel Moreno is an illustrator, painter and engraver from Madrid. This is his latest work for a Swiss shoe brand called Vögele. In these illustrations he combines different methods. He uses photos and illustrations at the same time and I think that they work well together. This campaign looks very attractive and simple at the […]



These are some alternative movie posters for the 2011 Oscar Nominees. The simplistic approach works well. Also the color combination looks attractive. Also the use of negative space supports the simplistic approach.  

Eye Magazine


These are the page layouts of the Eye Magazine. These are the poetry layouts. I found them interesting because the way pages are organized and the illustrations work well together. They are not over-designed or the pages are not filled with unnecessary elements. It is kept simple and that it whey it attracts attention.