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Reading is Fun!


Previously others have shared different shelves, now I found these. I think they are very creative and I think that even the people that don’t read much or don’t have shelves would like to have one of these. They look different than ordinary shelves and in some of them the humorous approach attracts attention. Also […]

These are some sculptures by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt. He sculpted classic busts but the expressions are exaggerated. The lines and the wrinkles are very detailed and it kind of gives the feeling that actually they are classic busts almost without an expression but the bust itself did that expression =).

Radical is a design magazine that is published every month. Designers, art directors, educators, students are the target audience for this magazine. I liked the way this magazine is designed. It is kept simple but it attracts attention with the images chosen for the covers. Also the geometric structure of the logotype is consistent with […]

I was doing some research on packaging and ı found these package illustrations. I found the style of these illustrations interesting. It is sketchy and it looks a bit messy but this style kind of adds a characteristic to an ordinary package. I liked the way the illustrator interpreted the objects.

This is the presentation I prepared for the corporate identity I designed for the brand “Köpük”. I used the site Prezi to prepare this presentation. Here is the link for the site: Here is the link for my presentation:

True Colours


This is an advertisement campaign for Faber-Castell by the advertisement agency Serviceplan Munich. The idea and its application is simple. Each visual shows that the colors of Faber-Castell is exactly the same as the colors that we see in nature or that are around us. They picked certain objects, animals, vegetables and combined them with […]