Calendar by Oscar Diaz


This is a calendar designed by Oscar Diaz and I found the idea interesting. I am not sure about its functionality but it is a creative idea. The calendar is dipped in ink and the dates are printed as the days go by. At the end of each month the ink is finished as well. The main idea is that the calendar also gives the feeling of days passing by as the ink finishes. As I said I think that it is not functional but it seems interesting to have such a calendar with a simple one that can be used functionally.


3 Responses to “Calendar by Oscar Diaz”

  1. Wow, really nice, idea. Especially the ones with the numbers. Practically, it’s not really usefull because you won’t be able to see, write, mark etc. but aestheticly it is really nice. Nice share!

  2. I really like that and I think it is functional too because it does not cause any misunderstanding about reading the dates:) butI could not getthat how it changes when the days go by, hat is the mechanism which they used? nice sharing

  3. it looks wonderful, actually ı wouldn’t care about its functionality because this is very elegant, unique decoration object in addition to his function..ı would like to have one..

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