Typographic Furniture


These are design’s of Marc Lauchardt. This project is called as “Typographic Furniture” and the designer used letter forms. I liked the way he uses the letter without losing their characteristics. Also the colors look nice. He mostly uses black and I think that this adds to the “typographic” context. In some of them he uses red as a second color and the combination looks elegant. Another element he uses is glass and I think it fits the concept. He kind of avoids using different colors or materials and this works well because there is nothing that distracts the viewer from the details of each letter form.


3 Responses to “Typographic Furniture”

  1. They look really nice and creative. When i see them i suddenly design a living room full with these typographic tables and chairs. And also i can add a big carpet with typographic desgn too on the floor. I guess it would be nice with all these furnitures 🙂 Nice share.

    • ahahaha… i like them! I ve never seen furnitures like this. Typography are used effectively. Actually we can say that they convey the idea of ”form follows function”. :))

  2. 3 zeynepselcuk

    They look really elegant. I liked the negative spaces that letters created.

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