Business Cards.


I found some business cards and ı really liked their approach. Their simplicity, humorous approach and creativity attracts a lot of attention. The business card above a humorous message for a psychologist: “sometimes we all need to reboot” and the form and idea of the business card is consistent with the message. Its form is simply “ctrl+alt+delete.” The only problem with card is that its size is different than the normal business card dimensions and form. However I don’t really think this causes a lot of problem. This card, the message and the humor are all memorable and different.

I also found this one. This is also an attractive business card because it is based on a simple idea yet it is playful. It contains all the needed information and it is not a classic business card. The only thing that came to my mind is that a director should have a card like this. The profession is graphic designer and I felt like most directors would like to have such a business card.


This is the final one. This business card belongs to a DJ. the idea is again very simplistic. I liked the color choice and I liked that the card doesn’t contain too much information. The way you read the information is consistent with the profession and it is much more creative than an ordinary business card. Also in this business card what attracted my attention is that it is not in the shape of a circle that suits the profession and the cd. It is probably the normal dimensions of a business card, therefore there isn’t any difficulty with the size.


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