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This is a short animation by Alessandro Novelli. This is the animation of the alphabet and each letter is represented with a different typeface. The letter and the first letter of the typeface it is written with are the same. I liked the sketchy style and the way it works well with the background., it […]

Art of Drowning


This is an animation directed by Diego Maclean and it is based of the poem of Billy Collins. The name of the poem is “The Art of Drowning”. I liked the way the poem is visualised. The line drawings and the simplicity attracts attention. I liked the style of illustration. It suits the mood of […]



I had previously shared “Canon Pixma Sculptures” and this is another project that resembles to it. The liquid paint is shot with a high speed camera and that’s why we can see the slow motion movement of the paint with all the details. This is the work of several freelance graphic designers who are supported […]

This is a “stone house” that is in North of Portugal. It is not an ordinary house. It is constructed in 2 giant stones and it is constructed in such a way that the characteristic of the stones are not lost. The stones are not changed the way the house is. The stones shape the […]

I’m posting some more business cards and I think that the solutions for these ones are also creative and simple.  The first one is the business card for and infirmary and I think the solution is simple yet effective. The back side of the business card looks like it is a plaster and it is […]

Bookcase House


This is the apartment designed for Hussein Jarouch in Brazil. The interior design of this place belongs to Triptique Studio. One of the most important goals of this studio is to optimize the space by creating a bookcase as the principal part of the design. This is actually  a very minimalistic design and at the […]

This is an animation by Thomas Hicks. It is in the form of a book and it tells the story of two people as you read the book. I liked the illustrations and the way the animation is composed. The illustrations are simple and a bit like children drawings but it gives the feeling of […]