Shopping Bags Are Fun!


I found some shopping bag ideas that are very interesting. They attract much more attention than ordinary shopping bags. They are all based on very simplistic ideas. The humorous approach makes them different than the other ones. Most of the shopping bags have the same purpose: having the brand name, some contact information and containing the product. However these designs serve the same purpose by adding something. People respond better to such creative ideas and mostly they talk about these kinds of designs when they see one. Therefore with the same cost the shopping bag serves better for the advertisement purposes. On the other hand, they look like the designers had a lot of fun designing them.


3 Responses to “Shopping Bags Are Fun!”

  1. This is really nice idea, i’ve seen them a couple of times around, it’s very clever and it has a purpose. I think more of the big companies which have a corporate identities will start doing these kind of package and bag designs very soon.

  2. 2 alicanafsar

    These are really good designs. The way they are presented is very beautiful. They make you look at the bags. I realized that i never look at the shopping bags but if there were more like these i would definitely look at them.

  3. I also saw them couple of times and the ones which has mouth and the teeths on it are my favorite. I mostly see such good endustrial design objects from other counties, I feel really good when I saw the YKM’s packages those are also very nice

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