Vânea Cera



This is a project by Vânea Cera. This is  design besed on the twenty songs of Zeca Afonso. It is for an event called “CCB 2008 Concert”. The design is in black and white and the illustrations look as black silhouettes. I liked the simplistic approach. At the same time the illustrations aren’t designed frame by frame, they give a sense of continuity. I think this approach make the design even more attractive. The designer designed many elements with the same approach. There is a CD cover, CD, brochure for the concert for this project.

You can also listen to some of the music that this project is based on:



You can also see this designer’s other works from here:



2 Responses to “Vânea Cera”

  1. Very nice design indeed! the use of black and white just reminded me of the frutigers white black relation.The continuity of the overall design is impecabble!
    Great find!

  2. I always like black and white combination due to its simplistic look. This illustrations are one of them. There is no need such fancy elements, those silhouettes give the sence of quiteness and peace.

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