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This is an interesting project in Norway, the town of Andalsnes. The Swedish architect Jagne Falmiton designed this project. The main idea is to create mobile structures, buildings mobile in city, in railways or in water so that these buildings can change location according to the seasons. Advertisements

These are adds for Clermont Family Dentist and Dentures. I liked the way advertisement is designed, it is simple and the message they want to give is conducted  in a creative manner. The way they enlarged the tooth and how workers construct it attracts attention.The message is clear without using too much elements or an […]

I found some shopping bag ideas that are very interesting. They attract much more attention than ordinary shopping bags. They are all based on very simplistic ideas. The humorous approach makes them different than the other ones. Most of the shopping bags have the same purpose: having the brand name, some contact information and containing […]



  This is a project by Justin Gignac. It is called New York City Garbage. He started this project in 2001. He collects garbage in the city New York, he classifies them and packages them. They look as if they are designed objects or second hand objects instead of garbage. Normally garbage is something people […]

These are designs by Marcel Buerkle. I liked the concept. They kind of remind one of my previous posts. I think that it looks much more attractive to have packages such as these because they attract more attention. They attract attention because they are different than ordinary packages and they are very appetizing. They kind […]

This is an animation by Simon Russell. This is his personal project based on London that he illustrated using ink and pencil. Later on he digitalized and finalized his project using Photoshop and After Effects. I liked the way he illustrated characters and places. Also the way that the animation zooms out and how everything […]

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This is a 2D animation by Ryan Woodward. This reminded me of the figure drawing courses and I think it is much more attractive as a music video that having real people dancing or performing something else. The idea goes well with the song. Also I liked the details that the artist added, he doesn’t […]