I wanted to share some posters that I found interesting. At first they attract the attention of the audience but they are not overdesigned. In this first poster the element that attracts the attention at first sight is the use of color. The use of such bright colors makes it look attractive. Even though there are many colors and lines, the way layout is designed simplifies the poster. Also the typographic elements are kept simple. It is an informative poster and the information, the way it is presented are all kept simple.

This second poster has a much different approach. Even though the colors used are neutral it looks more complicated because of the use of typographic elements. The designer used both hand written and digital fonts, they work well together. It looks a bit complex but not over-designed. When you first see the poster it seems as if it is a sketch of a poster, it doesn’t look very neat. However once you look at the details it is easy to see that every element is placed purposely. Also I liked the way the designer played with the word of “typography”.

As I said all the three posters are very different. In this one the use of color is kept simple, the designer used a gray scale. The way that the designer designed the layout makes the word “tool” and the illustration stand out more. I just feel like the background could be a flat color instead of having circles and a gradient. Or at least it could be darker, the right corner is very close to white but it could be a darker grey color.


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