Bangkok University


This is the creative center of Bangkok University. It is designed with various bright colors. It has many offices and a 600 meter square  library. This center is designed by the studio Supermachine and it is complete and working since the year 2009. I think that the way it is designed is easy to relate with creativity. It would be a lot less boring to work in such a place. I also liked the way colors are used and the combination of the colors works well. On the other hand the glass separations, the way furnitures are simplify the decoration. This means that even though the colors are bright and complicated the way the place is designed refers to simplicity.


3 Responses to “Bangkok University”

  1. 1 alicanafsar

    It is really tastefully designed. Actually it reminded me kindergartens:) However i liked it and i would prefer to study in a school designed like this rather than a school that looks like a hospital inside and everything is the same.

  2. I just love this school’s design:) I do not think everyone would like such color variation around them, maybe it would be annoying in a way. But at least they can use this design for academy of fine art building, it would be much more impressive and inspiring for art students, so sweet!

  3. I think it looks more like a cafe than a university bulding. I agree that it’s sweet but i dont think that a universities enviroment is a sweet one. After you get bored of these colors it would really annoy me to study in a place like this.

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