Literal Product Designs


These are some package designs I found interesting designed by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. These packages are different than most of the packages. Instead of referring to the idea of what they contain or being a classic package they almost look the same as the product they contain. For the banana juice the way the package is folded, the color and all the details remind a real banana. Also for the strawberry juice, the package contains all the details of a strawberry: the color changes and the texture. It is as if it is a strawberry with a different shape. The same things are valid for the kiwi juice; the package is like a kiwi with a different form.

This package also has a creative approach. Gabriel Lefebvre and Julien De Repentigny design it. It contains milk and the form of it is the word milk. This solution is simple and effective. However I am not really sure if this package works in terms of functionality. It probably contains less milk than classic milk boxes and it may cost much more to produce.


4 Responses to “Literal Product Designs”

  1. I like the way of combining typographical elements with the packaging but as you said it is not much useful because it also occupies much space.

  2. you really like juice packages 🙂
    but they are really cool though 🙂 they are very detailed, for example they also put the blue stample on the one with the banana, they are very good observed.
    I agree with you with the functionality of the one with the milk, but it looks really elegant in some way.

  3. 3 zeynepselcuk

    the packages seems really attractive .Using the appearance of fruits can be more effective in buying because when i looked at them they made me more hungry. Classic ones can not do it =) Milk seems amazing with the text and white color but you are right about the functionality.

  4. 4 barisertufan

    haha i loved the juiceboxes. It looks tasty somehow, i loved the kiwi but i think the people who get disturb from hairy fruits, wont even be able to see those products. I also liked the idea of typographic object.

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