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Britt Spencer


These are the illustrations of Britt Spenser. I like the way these illustrations are colored and the humorous approach. In some of his illustrations he has typographic elements and he interprets them in an humorous manner. The colors he chooses are not bright and he has a sketchy style in most of his illustrations. “It […]

Fernando Juarez


These are some illustrations of Fernando Juarez. I liked the colors and the style he uses. His illustrations create some kind of a dreamworld with similar elements to our world. Also the characters and the situations he illustrates always have the humor element. The colors he uses aren’t dark, he uses pastel colors and they […]

This is a short animation called “Theodore & Rosemary’ S Orchard”. Exquisite Kadavre directs it. In this animations the colors that are used and its style are very dark. It gives the sense of something dark such as a nightmare right from the beginning. The story of this animation is about a thief that enters […]

Korean design Kamkam has created this furniture collection titled as “Dressed-Up”. These designs have a starting point based on the style by clothing of the daily newspaper. The style and colors attract a lot of attention. And I feel like I want to live in a dream like house that is decorated this way. It […]



I wanted to share some posters that I found interesting. At first they attract the attention of the audience but they are not overdesigned. In this first poster the element that attracts the attention at first sight is the use of color. The use of such bright colors makes it look attractive. Even though there […]

This is the creative center of Bangkok University. It is designed with various bright colors. It has many offices and a 600 meter square  library. This center is designed by the studio Supermachine and it is complete and working since the year 2009. I think that the way it is designed is easy to relate […]

iPod Watch


These are some watches, they are made of silicone and their design is very simple. They have many different colors and these colors make the design “fun” without being complicated. Also the way they look is consistent with other designs of iPod. Therefore it is easy to understand the brand without even seeing the brand […]