“Stylish” Posters


These are some music posters designed to show the characteristic clothes of certain groups or people. Moxy Creative presents these posters with a minimalist approach. He simple illustrates recognizable clothes that everyone can recognize and relate with the music genre of the group or person. I find the poster designs simple and clever. The page layout is simple and the way clothes are illustrated looks like they are from the dress up games of children. It looks like the designer had fun while designing them and that the designer didn’t exaggerate. They don’t look overdesigned even if the clothes are colorful and attract attention. Also the slogan “style of music” is interesting because it combines fashion and music and creates a poster based on this combination.

You can check their site



One Response to ““Stylish” Posters”

  1. This make me think about how much we associate the clothes with the people who wears them. This is a good point actually. The illustraion make me realize the person immediately. Stylish..

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