Tea Package Design


This is the tea package design by Soon Mo Kang. It is named as “tea-shirts packaging”. It is an interesting idea because it is different than ordinary tea packaging also the name is fits the idea. I liked the package that all the tea bags are put in as well as every single tea bag. It is also consistent with the idea of “t-shirt”. It looks like a wardrobe with t-shirts inside. It attracts more attention and I think that consumers would have the tendency to buy this product more than others.

I think there is still a problem with the design. I am not really sure if the hanger side is durable enough to carry the tea bag when it becomes wet. On the other hand this is a design better for health because I have read that the string of tea packages aren’t good for health. The fibers they contain affect our health in a negative way.


One Response to “Tea Package Design”

  1. what a shame coincidence! I also posted teabag designs yesterday 🙂 actually I am really sorry, eventually you posted first, I must have checked all the blogs before I entered a new one . Luckly we chose different examples to display:) I also liked the idea of teashirt packaging. It seems the paper side of the package do not touch the tea so as you said it is much healtier. nice one.

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