Jacket/Bookmark Combination


This is an idea I found interesting. The designer, Igor Udushlivy, designed a composition of a book jacket and bookmark. They complete each other. Actually it is a very simple idea and each idea works well. And it is also an interesting idea because there are usually only bookmarks but adding a jacket to it is something new. Also the illustrations on the jackets are kept very simple and that’s why only the idea and the combination attracts attention. The typographic elements are kept simple, too.

The only problem I thought about these designs is that in some of them the bookmark is placed in a different way in order to make the design work. The designer has to design the bookmark in a certain way in order to make the design work even if the reader doesn’t pay attention while placing it. Also in some of them the bookmarks look weak and they can be ruined if they are made of paper. I think the material should be more durable.


One Response to “Jacket/Bookmark Combination”

  1. 1 melisbalci

    I think this is really enjoyable. I liked the illustrations and the combinations between the cover and the bookmark.

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