Canon Pixma


This is the advertisement for the Canon Pixma printers. The idea is to create sculptures with the color that represent the variety of ink of Canon Pixma printer. These sculptures are created with the sound and they are photographed with a macro camera. The purpose is to show the paint from an aspect that is not usually seen. It shows the variety of the ink but also the slow-motion movement makes it look like something magical. Seeing something that look like magical attracts the attention of the audience and makes the advertisement different than the others. Also the approach is interesting. Instead of basically showing the printer and a printout the palyed with the color.

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3 Responses to “Canon Pixma”

  1. yea i agreed with asli it is an effective that using something looks magical attracts audience. Also Sony uses color element in his bravia adds. But this macro experiment is pretty nice too.

  2. I have seen this in discovery channel, they were putting some paint on to the speaker when the music starts the paint starts to bounce as you can see (: Nice find i like the colours.

  3. 3 melisbalci

    All these colors on the black background is really attractive. And the idea is nice, to show how varied their companies’ colors are. The way they are representing this is different and interesting. Combining colors with sound. Nice find.

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