Havaianas Campaign


The agency AlmapBBDO has developed these ads for the Havaianas Campaign. I liked them because the aim of the this campaign is mainly to show that there are many color possibilities for each Havaianas flip-flop and when you first look at them you get the message. I also liked the approach of the designer. He added small touches and some humor to each one of them. For example in one of them, it is as if he is painting a wall with the Havaianas and the paint is full of different colors. On the other hand, even if the ads are filled with colors, he kept the other elements simple. There is an idea, an illustration showing the main aim of the campaign, a short text and the name of the brand.

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One Response to “Havaianas Campaign”

  1. 1 melisbalci

    Fisrtly, I love the condensed uppercase typeface. It looks organic and handmade. Secondly, using the flip-flop as an different objects is really cool. It is interesting and funny. Thirdly, I love the colors. Both the flip-flop’s and the posters. Really attractive. Nice find.

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