Jooze Packaging


These are packaging designs for the fruit juice Jooze designed by an Australian student Yunyeen Yong. I liked them because it is based on a simple idea: a package design with the shape of a slice of fruit it is flavored with. Also the colors and the way the package stands are different than common ones. It attracts the atetntion of both children and adults whith these features. On one side of the package you see the slice of fruit and on the other side the name of the brand is written. Under the brand name the flavour is written. It is a simple design.


4 Responses to “Jooze Packaging”

  1. This is really nice, the way they stay tilted is very attractive. The colors are very glazing. Also the simplicity and the use of typography is really succesfull. The only thing i didn’t like is the color of the drinking straw of the watermelon juice, i think it should be red not that pinky purple color. But overall very nice package design.

  2. I think it would be harder to keep a juice box that is shaped like this in one hand. The idea of fruit slices is original, but the placement of the hole for the straw could be different in order to have a more functional design.

  3. I loved the usage of fruit slices as a design, they look just so sweet and it definitely attracted my attention:) the typeface is also look good, however I am not sure whether it contains enough amount of juice, I mean that is just the sweetiest design with lack of usage.

  4. They are the sweatest desinged juice packages 🙂
    i loved the colors and the way they are standing. If i had one, i certainly didn’t want throw it away.

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