Visual Identity


Visual identity is a recognizable system that defines a certain company, an organization or a brand. It is the sum of all the characteristics that defines an entity, that differentiates it from all the other entities and that makes it recognizable. Visual identity is a must have for every entity; it is also unique for that entity. Therefore one of the most important features of a visual identity is consistency. Visual identity can also be called as corporate identity.

Visual identity can include a symbol, letters, full words, and shapes. This means that it can have a logo and/ or logotype. However it is not that simple. It also includes an identity manual. The identity manual is the explanation about how the logo and/ or logotype has to be used. The color palette, the way the logotype has to be placed on page layouts such as brochures, ads, cars, covers…etc. are all included in the identity manual.

The importance of visual identity is that it gives a first impression about the company and it also represents the company. When people see the visual identity of an entity they have to associate the motives, standards and what that entity is about with the visual identity (Primarily when they see the logo and/ or logotype).

Example of visual identity for the brand “Pretty Green”

Example of visual identity for the brand Bytemission

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