“Designing” a Graphic Design Studio


The workplace of every job should be compatible with the job description. I think that the place where a person works affects the work performance. The decoration gives motivation to wake up and go to work every morning. The productiveness is also related to the details in the workplace. The work performance of a person who works in boring room surrounded by four plain walls is different than the one who works in a much more creatively decorated environment.

Designers are expected to find creative solutions to problems. That’s why the work environment should give them some inspiration. They shouldn’t feel like they have to sit at their table until the end of working hour and go home afterwards. Their work has to be something they feel passionate about and they should feel excited about going to work.

I found the way the Google Offices are designed very interesting because the idea is simply creating a personal workspace for everyone. However these offices are not made of four dull walls. They are designed as personal workspaces with different themes. One is a restaurant with red and white curtains; another is a ski lift and some look like beehives. One room is designed as it is decorated in different period of time.


Pixar offices are also designed colorfully, when you see the offices you can understand how all the Pixar animations are created. It is easy to relate the workplace with the work produced.

Three Rings Design is an independent developer of social games and their offices are also easy to relate with the games they create. The offices don’t look ordinary.

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2 Responses to ““Designing” a Graphic Design Studio”

  1. i liked the idea of designing the place but even though the places are designed suitably with their concept and work, i wouldn’t like to work in these offices. In my opinion they are over designed offices that could distract peoples concentrations.

  2. 2 melisbalci

    I like the creative and inspring office idea. All of them are different and beautiful. Want to work in there. First one is my favorite, trees in the building?! 🙂

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