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This is a business card that I found and I thought it was interesting. The designer chose to write simply the name, occupation and the telephone number of the person the business card belongs to. However they all look like a black spot at first, none of them are readable. When you take the card in your own hands you understand that it is made of a different kind of material. It is not made of paper as most of the business cards; it is plastic. Ones it is pulled from each side the information written on it, is easily readable.

This is an interesting solution for a business card because first of all it attracts attention and people are curious of what the piece of plastic is. It is not a typical idea for a business card. Secondly, it doesn’t contain much information; it is simple. It just serves what it is for. Thirdly, with the difference of material and difference of reading the information it contains, it gives the sense of stretching and working out. This business card belongs to a personal trainer, therefore the card doesn’t only indicate his profession by the information written on it; it also shows it by its material and the way you read the information.

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4 Responses to “Business card”

  1. good find. I like your perception of the design as well.

  2. 2 barisertufan

    Wow great idea. Simple but effective. Reminds me the sentence: “Less is more” Use of material perfectly fits for a personal trainer and the way which designer uses to show the content of the trainer (the stretching) is pretty wise.

  3. i actually loved it. i also think like barış, the material and use of that material is probably the most suitable way to show both the info of the trainer and the work of him.

  4. This is really cool. The idea is very creative but also i wonder how do they printed it on it. The material should be strechted while it goes under printing, i guess it wouldn’t be easy to mass produce this bussines card.

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