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Greig Anderson


I wanted to share the works of the graphic designer Greig Anderson. His designs are minimal and he is inspired by the Swiss style. The things that inspire him from the Swiss approach can be seen in his typographic preferences and his systematic use of grid. You can see rest of his work here: […]

These are some music posters designed to show the characteristic clothes of certain groups or people. Moxy Creative presents these posters with a minimalist approach. He simple illustrates recognizable clothes that everyone can recognize and relate with the music genre of the group or person. I find the poster designs simple and clever. The page […]

Amy Casey


These are some illustration I found interesting by Amy Casey. These illustrations are based on the idea of reflecting the urban life. She mostly uses acrylic in her illustrations. In her illustration there are houses and other buildings flying and they are all tied with robes. These illustrations give the feeling of the chaotic city […]

This is the tea package design by Soon Mo Kang. It is named as “tea-shirts packaging”. It is an interesting idea because it is different than ordinary tea packaging also the name is fits the idea. I liked the package that all the tea bags are put in as well as every single tea bag. […]

This is an idea I found interesting. The designer, Igor Udushlivy, designed a composition of a book jacket and bookmark. They complete each other. Actually it is a very simple idea and each idea works well. And it is also an interesting idea because there are usually only bookmarks but adding a jacket to it is something […]

Canon Pixma


This is the advertisement for the Canon Pixma printers. The idea is to create sculptures with the color that represent the variety of ink of Canon Pixma printer. These sculptures are created with the sound and they are photographed with a macro camera. The purpose is to show the paint from an aspect that is […]

Jooze Packaging


These are packaging designs for the fruit juice Jooze designed by an Australian student Yunyeen Yong. I liked them because it is based on a simple idea: a package design with the shape of a slice of fruit it is flavored with. Also the colors and the way the package stands are different than common […]